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Amp Fitness Personal Training

Working with Dave or Jeri of Amp Fitness Personal Training is one of the fastest, easiest, most successful ways to improve your health and fitness. We provide fun, effective and cutting edge fat loss techniques with 1 on 1 Personal Training at a price you can afford. Conveniently located to serve Redondo Beach, Torrance, Hermosa, Manhattan Beach and the rest of the South Bay


Make a change

Are you sick and tired of feeling out of shape, sluggish, struggling to find the motivation to exercise? Have you looked for a personal trainer before, only to be turned off by the high cost?  We can help!


  • Get into better shape and health
  • Lose fat while maintaining lean toned muscle
  • Increase more lean, tight muscle mass
  • Become more lean and toned
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve eating habits
  • Increase energy levels
  • Speed up metabolism
  • Increase endurance
  • Manage stress



Our Services

Gain Strength And Increase Lean Muscle

Besides for looking good, gaining lean body mass (muscle) increases your metabolism and lets you eat more of your favorite foods with less worrying about weight gain.

Lower Body Fat and Smaller Sizes

Whether you need to lose 100 pounds or that tricky last 10, we’ll create a plan to get you there.  

Increase Endurance

Strengthen your heart, reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, increase your energy, and reduce visceral fat.

Strengthen Your Core

Your core stabilizes your entire body and making it stronger will benefit every facet of your life, from having a great looking midsection to playing with your kids.

Nutritional Guidance

Analysis of current diet, recommendations for improvement, suggested meals, and how to reach your goal while eating foods you enjoy

Increased Flexibility

Greater freedom of movement and increased posture, reduce injury risk, and stress relief are just some of the many benefits of becoming more flexible


Stay on track to reach your health and fitness goals with an experienced professional leading the way

Clear Guidance and Instruction

Lean proper form to help avoid injury while increasing performance and effectiveness. 


No more boring routines! It’s more enjoyable to work out with us keeping your training challenging and fresh. 


Why Choose Us?

There's lots of options for personal training here in the South Bay. But here are a few reasons you'll be glad you found us.

Convenient Online Scheduling

We’re available when you are.  And with our convenient Online Scheduling, you can scheduling your training at your convenience.  

Fully Functional Studio

We use modern equipment to suit every goal, from getting leaner to getting stronger to getting faster, with everything adjustable to your particular needs.

No Membership Fees

Avoid the crowds at traditional gyms and enjoy the private training space. No waiting for equipment and no fees.


The Trainers

We're here for you!

David Pulliam

David Pulliam

Owner, Lead Personal Trainer View Details
Jeri W

Jeri W

Master Trainer View Details
Mike Hamilton

Mike Hamilton

Master Trainer View Details
Kyanna P

Kyanna P

Certified Personal Trainer View Details
David Pulliam

David Pulliam

Owner, Lead Personal Trainer

Dave Pulliam came to fitness after years playing football and basketball in school. After school, he continued training himself along with friends, family, and co-workers during his off days from his full time corporate job. Soon enough, he discovered that helping people reach their fitness goals was much more rewarding so he obtained the necessary experience and credentials to turn coaching a fit, healthy lifestyle into a way of life. After working his way up to Master Trainer status at large chain gyms he decided the best way to help more people was to strike out on his own and founded Amp Fitness Personal Training, conveniently located in Redondo Beach. Dave’s primary objective is to help men and women feel and look healthy, strong, and confident via strength and fitness training and by coaching sound nutritional principles based on science.

Jeri W

Jeri W

Master Trainer

Jeri is certified with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as well as the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT). Fitness has become a passion for Jeri in her adult life. She quickly found that exercise, specifically high intensity and strength training, served as a natural medicine to help alleviate depression symptoms. As a result, Jeri decided to become a personal trainer to teach others how exercise can positively impact one’s life. Her background includes high intensity interval training, as well as Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting. Jeri is bilingual in Spanish and English and semi-fluent in Portuguese. Now offering 30 Minute Fast Results Training Session!

Mike Hamilton

Mike Hamilton

Master Trainer
Kyanna P

Kyanna P

Certified Personal Trainer

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Training Packages

When I formed my own personal training business I built it on the principle that fitness should be accessible to everyone, and a big part of that is having an Open, Honest Pricing system and offering multiple plans at Affordable Rates. That's why I proudly display our rates right here on the front page. Not only do other trainers and gyms not do that, many of them won't even tell you their rates over the phone. Compare our rates and save!

8 One Hour Sessions Monthly

Let's get started!
  • $ 50 per session
  • Best for Training 2x weekly
  • Individualized Program Design
  • Includes Discount for 3 Month Autopay

16 One Hour Sessions Monthly

Best Value
  • $ 40 per session
  • Best for Training 4x weekly
  • Customized Workout
  • Includes Discount for 3 Month Autopay

12 Partner Training Sessions

Get in shape with a friend!
  • $ 60 per session
  • Gain Inspiration From Each Other
  • Billed together or individually
  • More Fun

Here’s What Our Clients Say

You've heard from us, now hear it from them! Check out more reviews on our Yelp page.

Erin D.

Always fun!

 I love it because every workout is different and catered to my goals and my body. I never feel like I am being given a cookie cutter workout. 

Erin D.Client
Louise D.


15th March 2014

Pushes me to improve and makes sure my form is right. I have full confidence in him. Fun to work with, yet sticks to business. I really look forward to my workouts with him.

Louise D.Client
Danielle T.

Never Bored


I never know what today’s session will be so I’m never bored. He makes it fun but pushes me when I need it.  I am getting the best workouts. I would definitely recommend Dave. 

Danielle T.Client
Eric S.

Faster and Stronger Than I Have Ever Been


I trained with him for 2-3 months. I HIGHLY recommend this guy to everyone, I only planned to train for a month and ended  staying for longer. Great scheduling, great attitude, and fun, what else could you ask for. 

Eric S.Client
Theresa B.

Dave is phenomenal!


My improvement thus far is night and day. Dave is extremley technical. He knows the correct form to get the most out of each exercise, avoid injury, and he double and triple checks to makes sure I am doing each exercise correctly. 

Theresa B.Client
Stacy J

For once I don't dread going to the gym


Dave truly makes working out fun.  He has a big arsenal of exercises that use a variety of tools including BOSU, ropes, kettle bells, weights and bands. They are challenging and make you feel like you are getting a very thorough workout.

Stacy JClient

Amp Fitness Personal Training

Located at the corner of Artesia and Blossum with plenty of parking located in back of the building.    

Important: Because we are Private Personal Trainers, when we are at the studio we are typically with our clients.  We'd love for you to stop by the studio and say hello, but please email, call or text in advance to schedule a time so that we can be sure to have someone available to greet you and answer any questions. Dave Pulliam can be reached at 310-266-3895 and please ask for Dave when you arrive.